Hey, Robert! This is your private page (only you have the link). I'll update as we go.

Core Workouts

This workout is to be done on Monday and Friday.

1a. Kneeling Palof Press - 4 sets, 10 reps ea side

1b. TRX Leg Raise - 4 sets, 15 reps (30s)

2a. TRX or ab roller Roll Outs - 4 sets, 12 reps

2b. KB Farmer's Carry - 4 sets, walk the length of the turf on one side and switch

Conditioning Workouts

Here are the two conditioning workouts that you will do after our Tuesday and Friday sessions. They will be short and sweet!


  1. Kaiser Bike Tabata - Resistance at 20, go as fast as possible for 20 seconds and then rest 10 seconds, repeat this 8 total times and then rest minutes
  2. Sled Sprints - Sprint down and back with 1 plate on each side, rest 30 seconds, then sprint down and back with 1 plate and 1 25# plate on each side, rest 30 seconds, sprint down and back with 2 plates on each side and then rest 2 minutes.


  1. Treadmill Tabata - Set the speed between 6.5mph and 7mph and set the incline to 10.0. Step on the treadmill for 20 seconds and then step off for 10 seconds rest (make sure to hold on to the hand rail when getting on and off), repeat this for a total of 8 sprints, rest 2 minutes
  2. Matrix Sprints - Set the resistance to 5 and sprint as fast as possible for 20 seconds, rest 30 seconds and then repeat for a total of 4 sprints, then rest 2 minutes when finished


  1. Row Sprints - jump on the row machine and sprint 100m (it's the middle number on the display) as fast a possible, do this 4 times, rest 45 seconds between each sprint
  2. Stair Master Intervals - Set the stair master to a speed of 12-14 and step for 20 seconds and then bring the speed down to 4 and step for 30 seconds, repeat for a total of 10 intervals


Hey Robert,


Here’s your nutrition breakdown. First, your total calories right now are 1,580. This is based off of the highest number you gave me (for example, if you said 2-4 eggs, I added 4 eggs). I said that we will decrease calories so that you continue losing body fat, but we may increase them because your total is pretty low for your activity level. And by increasing them you won’t gain fat weight, probably lean mass weight, but increasing the right calories will increase your metabolism (mainly protein). And increasing calories will increase the G-flux, so you increase calories and that increases energy expenditure during your work outs. 


Your macronutrients came out as:


Protein: 111g

Carbs: 129g

Fat: 91g


Goal Macronutrients:


Protein: 210g, 840 kcal

Carbs: 160g, 640 kcal

Fat: 90g, 810 kcal


Goal Calories:




Your fat, right now, is right where it should be. Your carbs are a little low for your activity level so I raised those a little bit. And your protein is too low for your activity level. Increasing your protein will help with recovery and fat burning. 


Now that you know how many calories to eat, you can divide your macronutrients into your meals (to make it most convenient for you). 


A few tips for you to consider: 


  • Eat less fruit. Fruit is good for you, but too much can be hard for fat loss because fructose can cause insulin resistance. Try to eat no more than 2 servings per day. Instead, throw in more veggies, especially leafy greens. You can replace some of those fruit carbs with sweet potatoes or yams, it’ll give you a more sustained energy level. 


  • Protein should be consumed pre and post work out. Shakes are good for this because they are fast and easy, but whole foods can be consumed too. Try to aim for 40g pre and post exercise. This will be good for energy, focus, and recovery.


  • Eat whole foods in the morning. You can still drink your coffee with coconut oil in it, but think about adding in 3-4 eggs in the morning for breakfast. Add some leafy greens to those eggs for your micronutrients.


  • Consider using myfitnesspal on your computer or phone to track your calories/food. This helps keep you on track with nutrition so you know how many calories and macros you are eating. You don’t have to do it every day but it’s good to do a couple times per week so that you can stay on track.


  • Because your carbs are already pretty low, you don’t have to change your calories for non work out days. You can stick to the goal of 2.290 kcal per day for all days.


I believe you’ll feel a lot better with the added protein. Give this a go for a few weeks and we’ll adjust from there!

Warm up:

1. 3-5 minutes on the keiser airdyne bike, 50 percent of max intensity

2. Seated crossed leg glute stretch - 10 reps each side, hold stretch for 2 seconds

3. Band assisted hamstring stretch - 10 reps each side

4. Rear foot elevated hip flexor stretch - 10 each side

5. Ankle mobility - 20 reps each side

6. Band glute bridge holds - hold for 30 seconds, squeeze glutes

7. Side lying Clams - 10 reps each side

8. Lateral band walks - 20 steps in each direction