Exercise: Band Resisted Single Arm Kettlebell Row - A Must Try!

A sure back blaster!

Rows, and their many variations, are great and they can take your back development to a whole different level. This variation is my all-time favorite for lat and lower trap recruitment. 

Here's how to do it: grab a kettlebell (or dumbbell) that you can easily hit 20 reps with, then find a medium resistance band and rig it up. You will be able to finely adjust resistance by your body position according to how far you are from the anchor point of the band. So adjust accordingly. These can be done free standing or supported like you see here. 

  • Set your hips back and get as 'long' as you can from full extension to the end of the row. This will help you keep your back in a neutral position.
  • Stay light on the hand that's supporting the row and focus on the hand doing the row.
  • Because of the band position/angle, you'll hit more lat in this row, so flex and hold that lat at the end position.

✅Do these somewhere near the end of your back workout for a great finisher!