Rope Pull Ups: How to Increase Your Traditional Pull Up Number

Grip Strength.

Grip strength is often a limiting factor in performing more pull ups than 6. If you can perform 6 good, strict regular pull ups, but can't seem to get past this number then the rope pull up variation is what you should do next. And by doing this, your grip strength will skyrocket and you'll move past your sticking point. Try this: replace your pull ups in your programming with rope pull ups for three weeks and then go back to traditional pull ups and you'll see the difference. Perform 4 sets of 3-6 (or more if your grip can take it) reps.

Setting Up the Exercise

  1. Find a pull up station 
  2. Drape a battle rope through the station (as seen in the photo)
  3. Grab the rope and make sure to have a good grip on it
  4. Keep your forearms parallel with the rope
  5. Lock your grip and pull your body up by focusing on pulling your elbows straight back
  6. Keep your chest up and activate your lats
  7. Return to the start in a controlled manner