Strong Glutes Are A Must - Band Resisted Quadruped

The glutes are a set of muscles that are important to keep strong. You'll often see my client's programs filled with glute exercises. First, I want them to learn how to use their glutes. A lot of the time we need to relearn how to activate the glutes and get them to fire at their full potential. This is important because without the ability to use and feel the glutes it would be pointless to program a glute dominant exercise because that force will be shifted somewhere else (and do bad things). 

Enter the Band Resisted Quadruped exercise. The regular quadruped exercise is a nice movement to get you to feel the glutes, but having the band resistance is a great way to increase nervous system activation and a stronger glute activation. Setting up the exercise is simple, and here's how to do it.

  1. Grab a band (play with different sizes to find the right amount of resistance for you) and hook them on a squat rack, or something comparable, at the height of your hips when you are on all fours.
  2. Position your body so that you are on all fours and your hips are approximately 1 foot in front of the band.
  3. Place your foot on the band and make sure that you have a nice, neutral spine, your hands are below your shoulders, and your opposite leg has a 90 degree angle at the hip. 
  4. Press your leg straight out against the band and think about squeezing your glutes to their full potential. Make sure to keep your leg straight and have your foot no higher than hip height.
  5. As you are pressing your foot out against the band, raise your opposite arm (this step can be removed for those who have never done this movement). 
  6. Return to the start and repeat!

Try this movement out and let me know how it goes. This exercise is great and transfers well to get you ready for your hip extension movements. A lot of the time Merit Fit clients will do glute activation exercises before squats and deadlifts.