Recovery = Move More

Recovery = Move More

Although counterintuitive, in order to speed up recovery we need to move. Also known as active recovery (a term often misused), it’s a productive way of slowing down delayed onset muscle soreness or getting over that hump quicker. 

Active recovery is simple; instead of laying on the couch and slamming protein shakes and wasting money on that overpriced recovery drink (wink face), you can get up and move (smart). 

There are many things you can do for active recovery and it can be things that you enjoy to do, instead of going back to the gym - unless that's your thing. Some smart examples would be: find an active stretching and mobility program, foam roll, go for a walk (with your boo), play a sport, go for a bike ride, a light swim, hike and get lost or yoga orrrr anything that gets you moving and enjoying life. 

Why’s it beneficial? It primes the metabolic pathways in your body. It’s increasing blood flow via a boost in heart rate and active muscles, which can guide nutrient rich blood to your recovering tissues. That easy movement can also burn more calories, which helps fat loss. Even though the movements are light and easy, it can still boost mood and make you feel like you are being productive (which, if you’re like me, helps you to stick to proper nutrition).

If you’re constantly sore from tough work outs, try moving more. Easy as that.