Hello, Debbie!


Here's your private page (you only have the link).

Body Composition

Starting with your first body comp (Real45 before and afters) and then I will add more body comps as we do them>



January 1 2017 goal:

  • "29%" body fat - for average woman your age this is the "ideal" weight, but everyone is different so that's why I put it in parethesis.
  • Work out at least 3 days per week: 1 session with me, Alumni group class, and an extra work out class
    • Get extra physical activity during the week and especially on non workout days - I added a conditioning work out below in case you need another work out that you can do on your own.
  • Lower carb totals, especially sugar ie fruit sugar, added sugar; increase fat and protein


Hey Debbie,

Here’s your nutrition breakdown. First, your total calories right now (average over the 3 days you gave me) are 1,333. One day was as low as 1.100 calories, which is too low. We need to bring you up on calories up closer to 1,600 and increase your protein. 


Your current macronutrients came out as (average):


Protein: 64g

Carbs: 114g

Fat: 66g


Goal Macronutrients:


Protein: 117g, 468 kcal

Carbs: 78g, 312 kcal

Fat: 87g, 783 kcal


Goal Calories:


1,563 kcal/day


Debbie, as you can see at your current macros compared to your target macros, your protein is lower, your carbs are too high, and your fat is too low. When you hit your macros you will recover better from our workouts and you'll feel fuller and obviously you'll keep on losing weight (even eating more calories). At 1,563 calories per day, you'll still be in a slight deficit to enhance your weight loss. But the magic comes from the changes in your macronutrients. The increased fat will make you feel fuller for longer and give you an even energy throughout the day, the increased protein will keep you fuller too and enhance recovery.

Some notes from looking at your food choices (from your example day):

  • First, follow the guidelines on the nutrition page.
  • Eat complete proteins (like meat, eggs, whey) with every meal. You'll feel a lot better in the first part of your day if you eat this with breakfast and your meals or snacks will feel well rounded and complete.
  • Eat a meal roughly 1 hour before you work out so that you have necessary nutrients to keep your energy high.
  • Eat another meal or snack (remember complete protein) directly after you work out to start the recovery process.
  • Try to get your carbs from veggies, sweet potatoes, and I'll allow a small amount of rice (white or brown) and quinoa. Having said this, try to limit your fruit intake to no more than two pieces per day (one would be better). I'd rather you eat more complex carbs and fiber rather than sugar from fruit. Bananas and citrus fruit like oranges are high glycemic and will make you crave more sugar. There will be a pretty large blood sugar rise, especially from the bananas.
  • Eat a lot more veggies, especially leafy greens ie salads, in eggs, stir fries etc.
  • You are doing great with this, but try to make all of your food. That way you know what is in it, you are eating whole foods, and you can control the amount of protein, fat, carbs, veggies, whatever else that goes in it. Try to take some time and research some good paleo recipes online. Take the time to prep your food. You'll feel a whole lot better eating whole foods that you prepare.
  • By following the guidelines in the nutrition page, you'll have complete meals (everything that goes into what a meal should be) and this will give you structure to how your meals should look. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Conditioning Work Out

  1. Do your warm up
  2. Heavy prowler pushes - push the prowler one length as fast as possible, 2 45lb plates on each side, 4 times/sprints, rest 45s
  3. Row Sprints - row 100 meters as fast as possible, 4 times/sprints, rest 45s
  4. Matrix Sprints - set the resistance on 3 and sprint for 20s, 4 times/sprints, rest 60s
  5. Tabata on bike - set the resistance to 18, sprint for 20s and rest for 10s 8 times